The End Result: My long range Goals

I have thought a few times about what I want in the end for myself with this Fat Sailor project. There are some obvious ones probably, but some long range goals that won’t happen for a while.

First of all, my short term goals:

1.  Get back to 22% body fat, legitimately and completely, in the next two weeks. This is the immediate requirement for me because it means a lot to my immediate career situation. One of those situations is the fact that CPO results are coming out in a few weeks and, not saying I’m going to make it, I will be required to be within body fat standards immediately upon checking in for initiation, or indoctrination, or whatever it’s called now days.

2.  Weigh in below 220lbs by the end of August.

Now for my long term goals:

1.  Be in good enough shape to successfully run the 2010 New York City Marathon. I’ll post an entire series on that as I get further a long in my training. I signed up to run it both for myself and to support the Boomer Esiason Foundation. The BEF helps those with cystic fibrosis (the disease my daughter has) live a more productive life. The organization provides transplant grants (CF patients most usually need a double-lung transplant because of the extreme damage CF does to the lungs) and college scholarships.

My goal for that run is no more than 4 hours and 30 minutes, and I’d like to see that shave off some. I’ve run two half marathons this year, and I want to close out the year with this great run.

2.  Pass a PRT weigh-in without being taped. This is my super long-range goal, and probably the most important goal of the entire process. My goal weight is 195 pounds (only 42 pounds to go!).

Other goals will undoubtedly come up from time to time, especially when these short term goals expire. I’ll definitely need new short term goals in order to keep moving forward. Stay tuned!

So are you losing weight? What are your short and long term goals?


Free Day!

Yesterday was a free day, and by free, I mean that I gave myself permission to eat things that I can’t eat on this diet. It was not free in terms of money nor was it free in terms of the cost to my body. Before I was even done eating, I was ill. I should have known not to put that kind of junk into my moderately well-performing body after two weeks of treating it well, but hey, it’s a free day, right?

So I took the family to Pat and Oscar’s. For those of you who have yet to taste bliss in the form of pasta and alfredo sauce, I’ll just say that the word decadence kept going through my mind. It was pure evil genius it was…that family that started the recipe that could end my diet on any given day. Pure evil genius I tell you!

After that wonderful meal, in which I was already hurting, we went to Baskin Robins for ice cream. I couldn’t even finish mine. Crazy, right?

Anyway, that was yesterday and despite the fact that I enjoyed that meal very, very much, it’s time to buckle back down again. I’m moving into a new phase of my plan. Essentially it’s just more working out with less bad intake. I’m going to try and increase my vegetable load and reduce my processed foods intake, for example.

So have any of you taken a free day while trying to lose weight? What kind of meal did you eat and from where? Do share!

Week 2 Results!

Week 2 was pretty stressful, unfortunately, but I managed to hold on with some decent stats, in my opinion. Without further ado, here are my results for Week 2:

Total weight lost: 4 pounds! (Current weight: 238.5) 1 less than I had wanted, but it will do.

Total calories consumed: 11,991 (1713/day)

Total miles run: 16.4 (beat my goal by over a mile!)

Total meters swam: 1900

Total of other workouts: 3 for 135 minutes

I’ll update the Week 3 goals tomorrow!

Odd Pool Sequence

So lately, because I’m so overweight, I’ve been doing two workouts a day, sometimes a light third one. Two days ago, I had a wonderful date-night with the Mrs, so I didn’t get my second workout in, but most of the time I am getting more than one.

Today was only the second day I have been able to get  to a pool this week on base. I love that pool, by the way. It’s 50 meters one way, so I can really get a good workout in. Our local YMCA has a pool also, but it’s only 25 yards, and I feel that as soon as I get going I have to turn around and head the other way.

But the craziest thing has happened to the pools we are associated with over the last week! Early last week, the pool at the YMCA was closed down during my son’s swimming lessons. Then, around Thursday, the pool at our housing complex got shut down for two days. Finally, this week, the pool I swim at on base was shut down for two days. The reason? At all three pools a child had had an “accident” that obviously messed the pool up!

Ok, so that might not be all that crazy to some people, but I think it’s just crazy that three pools have been shut down for the same type of accident in a 7 day span! Am I wrong?

Fat Sailor’s Week 2 Goals

I know it’s Wednesday, but I wanted to get my goals out for you all. So based off of my week 1 goals, here are my week 2 goals:

Lose 5 pounds.

Lose 1 inch off of my waist.

Run 15 miles.

Swim 4200 meters.

I probably won’t be able to reach that last one because the base pool has been shut down for going on two days. In the afternoon, they open the pool to families, which I think is awesome. There is still some lap swimming, but it’s rearranged and set up so people can bring thier kids and have a good time. My wife and I have used this benefit on weekends. Anyway, a child had an accident of apparently epic proportions, so the pool is closed while they rebalance the chemicals. So it goes. Anyway, I’ll be doing some other workouts until that gets back in line.

I’m still working towards an average of 1500 calories a day right now, which honestly isn’t too bad. No, it’s not sustainable, but it is possible for now. I am losing weight, mostly junk weight I’m sure, but since I’m so big I have a lot of that to lose. Once I platteau, I’ll go back to my personal trainer and work on something else.

Anyway, wish me luck!

Fat Sailor’s Week 1 Results

Ok, sports fans, I’ve been at this for exactly one week, so on with the show!

Total weight lost: 5 pounds! (Current weight: 242.5)

Total calories consumed: 11,693 (1670/day)

Total miles run: 12.1

Total meters swam: 3000

Total of other workouts: 5 for 180 minutes (3 hours)

It’s been a great first week.  I look forward to a great deal more success in the second week!

Welcome to Fat Sailor

No doubt you’re here because you were invited to take a peek at the Fat Sailor project. First of all, welcome! This project will only be a success if others are able to enjoy and learn from it.

So let me tell you what this is all about. The biggest reason for starting this blog was to keep track of everything that is going on as I try to, once and for all, defeat the greatest enemy in my life…my weight. It’s a stigma that follows me everywhere I go. I am a good sailor. But supervisors and subordinates don’t see that right off because I don’t look like a good sailor. For this reason and many, many others, I’ve decided to embark on a life change.

Another huge reason for the Fat Sailor blog is accountability. I currently tip the scales at over 240 pounds. If I’m ever going to get to 195 pounds, I will need an extremely large amount of accountability. In fact, aside from my own willpower, accountability is both the most important thing for this process and the thing I hate the most. I simply must have more of it. If this blog goes dormant, my readers will know that I’m off the wagon.

Finally, I hope to help other fat sailors get to where they need to be. Along with offering me some accountability, I hope that I can offer those of you who struggle with this ugly thing some accountability as well. I want to encourage you to succeed as well!

I hope you’ll be able to find your place with Fat Sailor. Whether you are a fat sailor or you just want to support one, you will hopefully have many reasons to keep coming back to the project and contribute.

How can you contribute? I have a few ideas:

1.  Post comments on my blog posts! Please feel free to offer encouragement, suggestions, and your thoughts. The best way for me to make this count for more than just words on a page is to have a community of people interested in moving towards our common goal.

2.  Spread the word! Do you know a fat sailor? Do you know someone who helps fat sailors (CFL, spouse, etc)? Do you know a sailor who should just read this for the Navy content? Please help spread the word so I can encourage more people and learn from more people. You can use your Facebook, Twitter, email, or word of mouth, but definitely get the word out.

3.  Please subscribe. This will allow you to always know when I’ve posted new information and will help you contribute in the most meaningful ways.

So whether you are here because I invited you or a friend of yours invited you, please be welcome here. Learn, contribute, and encourage. That’s pretty much all I’m here for…oh, and to reach a common goal: To beat this thing!