Introduction to Fat Sailor

Well, I guess this is where I start telling my story. The fact is that I’m an overweight sailor who’s just honestly a little tired of the same up and down cycle every six months. And because of what has happened to me recently concerning my career, I have decided that it’s time that some things change. I simply have to lose the extra weight, or at least a good portion of it.

My required weight is 196 and I currently weigh 242.5 after losing 5 pounds. The Navy requires sailors to be at 22% body fat and I am at 28% currently. I am 5’11”, for those who can work all of the formulas. My neck is 18 inches and my waist is a whopping 44.

All of this has to end. I welcome you to the blog and look forward to hearing your stories as well as your thoughts on mine. It’s me against myself and my Navy career is possibly at stake, or at least the chance for a successful Navy career. I refuse to lose this fight…


About Navy Christian
A freelance writer and career military man in San Diego, CA.

5 Responses to Introduction to Fat Sailor

  1. Fatboy says:

    I’ll follow you, Fatsailor! I’m subscribing by e-mail so I don’t miss anything.

    • fatsailor says:

      Thanks man! I hope you enjoy what you see. We have different, almost opposite objectives, but I think we can both enjoy the ride!

      • Fatboy says:

        Yeah, I just told Beautiful that we’re going in opposite directions, but it’s essentially the same struggle: discipline and lots of hard work when you’d rather be relaxing and having a good time with your family, friends, and sailors.

      • fatsailor says:

        You said it well, my friend! Discipline is hard too! No doubt about it. I’m glad I started following you when I did though. I’ve enjoyed watching you accomplish what I hope my daughter can someday.

      • Fatboy says:

        With a dad like you who is going for his goals, I’m sure she’ll have the world at her disposal. Just look at Amanda at Please Pass the Salt. She’s got a full PhD in science (chemistry, I believe) and runs and rides bikes like a maniac. She’s got the same mutation I have and is doing awesome because she remained disciplined at all times.

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