The 6 Month Cycle of Fat Sailor

For those of you who don’t know how Fat Sailor lives out his career, here’s a synopsis:

Starting in late January or early February, Fat Sailor starts working out. It’s usually spotty at first, maybe a few times a week. In February, he starts to let it go again and usually sputters out. Then in late February, he realizes that the weigh-in is less than one month away, so he goes back to working out and tries not to go to McDonald’s as often. He usually pretends not to eat as much, or at least works harder to justify his eating.

Then March begins and FS realizes that he is behind the power curve. There is usually some guilt associated with this and a huge scramble to correct the situation before FS fails his weigh-in.

Usually the last week or so of March the command will conduct weigh-ins. FS will fret for the few days before, hoping to make last minute adjustments to his body size and shape. Then the day of the weigh-in comes and…well…that’s another post. The important thing is to know that after the weigh-in is successful (in this instance), the cycle begins again.

After a successful weigh-in, FS tends to rest on his recent accomplishment, enjoying, so to speak, the fruits of his labor. That means that he goes back to the foods he loves even though he continues to work out. Within a month, the workouts stop or drop off considerably, and the rest period begins. Resting/eating goes for a few months and then the desperation process starts all over again.

For the fall cycle, desperation starts in September or early October. The weigh-in is usually over in November, and then FS will wait until January/February to start all over again.

It’s not fun, and it has to end, which is why Fat Sailor is on this journey.


About Navy Christian
A freelance writer and career military man in San Diego, CA.

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