Welcome to Fat Sailor

No doubt you’re here because you were invited to take a peek at the Fat Sailor project. First of all, welcome! This project will only be a success if others are able to enjoy and learn from it.

So let me tell you what this is all about. The biggest reason for starting this blog was to keep track of everything that is going on as I try to, once and for all, defeat the greatest enemy in my life…my weight. It’s a stigma that follows me everywhere I go. I am a good sailor. But supervisors and subordinates don’t see that right off because I don’t look like a good sailor. For this reason and many, many others, I’ve decided to embark on a life change.

Another huge reason for the Fat Sailor blog is accountability. I currently tip the scales at over 240 pounds. If I’m ever going to get to 195 pounds, I will need an extremely large amount of accountability. In fact, aside from my own willpower, accountability is both the most important thing for this process and the thing I hate the most. I simply must have more of it. If this blog goes dormant, my readers will know that I’m off the wagon.

Finally, I hope to help other fat sailors get to where they need to be. Along with offering me some accountability, I hope that I can offer those of you who struggle with this ugly thing some accountability as well. I want to encourage you to succeed as well!

I hope you’ll be able to find your place with Fat Sailor. Whether you are a fat sailor or you just want to support one, you will hopefully have many reasons to keep coming back to the project and contribute.

How can you contribute? I have a few ideas:

1.  Post comments on my blog posts! Please feel free to offer encouragement, suggestions, and your thoughts. The best way for me to make this count for more than just words on a page is to have a community of people interested in moving towards our common goal.

2.  Spread the word! Do you know a fat sailor? Do you know someone who helps fat sailors (CFL, spouse, etc)? Do you know a sailor who should just read this for the Navy content? Please help spread the word so I can encourage more people and learn from more people. You can use your Facebook, Twitter, email, or word of mouth, but definitely get the word out.

3.  Please subscribe. This will allow you to always know when I’ve posted new information and will help you contribute in the most meaningful ways.

So whether you are here because I invited you or a friend of yours invited you, please be welcome here. Learn, contribute, and encourage. That’s pretty much all I’m here for…oh, and to reach a common goal: To beat this thing!


About Navy Christian
A freelance writer and career military man in San Diego, CA.

5 Responses to Welcome to Fat Sailor

  1. Nate says:

    I know you’re a very busy man, but there’s a book I want you to read that will probably be an eye-opener when it comes to diet, dieting, and the foods you eat. Here it is:

    WHAT TO EAT, by Marion Nestle.

    • fatsailor says:

      You know, I’ll read just about anything you suggest, but let me get through this semester first. I’m way behind on my coursework. I’ll keep this in mind while I’m at the library today and at least see if it’s available. I’m definitely game for it though.

  2. Tech Daddy says:

    I’m not a sailor, but I am overweight. I’ve gained about 10 pounds with each kids, so I had about 40 to lose. The Mrs. and I are out to change our lifestyle – to eat better, to lose weight and get fit. So I’m glad to come along side you and encourage you on your journey.

    One of my primary motivations is my kids. When they’re teens, I want to be able to play with them, whatever form that may take, and not be sucking air in five minutes. I also want to live to see my grandkids.

    I’ve heard it said that losing weight is a simple math problem – burn more calories than you take in. And that’s true. The hard part is making that equation true in our lives. The calorie intake is determined by your diet and the calorie burning by being alive and by exercise. I have the hardest time with the calorie intake side. Simply put, I enjoy eating. Now I’m having to discipline myself to eat only one helping at a meal, to make that one helping a correct portion sized (not super-sized), to not finish up what the kids left behind and to control the number and types of snacks I have.

    The exercise side has been a little easier for me than the diet has been. I’m using a mixture of aerobic and weight lifting. I’ve had to learn to get up early in the morning to make time for exercise – 5 a.m.. Some mornings I still struggle with getting up because I’m staying up too late the night before. Here’s the routine I’ve developed.

    * Mon, Wed, Fri – Walk 4 miles. I’m doing this in 65 minutes currently. I hope to get it down to an hour. I’m trying to get in a good amount of time for burning calories.
    * Tue, Thur, Sat – Walk 1 mile for a warm up. Work out with weights for about an hour in my basement. I’m trying to build some muscle so that I have more to burn calories with even when I’m not exercising.
    * Sun – Walk 2 miles. I want to give my body some recovery time but don’t want to loose a day of burning extra calories either.

    Since the beginning of June I’ve lost 7 pounds, with some yo-yo weeks in there when I did not eat as I should, like the 4th of July. So it is working and it is possible. I think the weight loss will get more consistent as I learn to control my intake better.

    Another thing I’m struggling with is when to have my quiet time. The best time for me is in the mornings, which is when I’ve been doing them. But since starting to exercise, even though I’m getting up earlier, I’ve found that the exercising does not always go according to schedule (usually because I started late due to not getting out of bed on time or I get distracted after exercising) and so I’m cramming in my quiet time, which is not good. I’ve been praying that God will help me manage my time better so that I can spend the time I need with Him and still get the exercise I need to lose weight and get fit.

    It’s a journey. I don’t think there’s a quick fix to the weight issue that will be a long-term solution. I have to make an intentional decision to make a life-style change that will last a life time. It’s hard but I know it will be worth for me, my wife and my family. And it will be worth it for you. Go get’m.

  3. Tech Daddy says:

    This is why there needs to be grammar checker built-in to a web browser. My second sentence in my previous comment should have been: “I’ve gained about 10 pounds with each of the kids’ births, so I had about 40 to lose.”

    For those not wanting to do the math, I have four kids :).

    • fatsailor says:

      No worries man! Thank you for your thoughts! I honestly didn’t know you were struggling. Never saw it on your FB or blog or whatnot. I like your layout. I’ll post tomorrow on this blog more information about what I am currently doing, as well as Week 2 Tweaks to the program. Thank you for your thoughts!

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