Free Day!

Yesterday was a free day, and by free, I mean that I gave myself permission to eat things that I can’t eat on this diet. It was not free in terms of money nor was it free in terms of the cost to my body. Before I was even done eating, I was ill. I should have known not to put that kind of junk into my moderately well-performing body after two weeks of treating it well, but hey, it’s a free day, right?

So I took the family to Pat and Oscar’s. For those of you who have yet to taste bliss in the form of pasta and alfredo sauce, I’ll just say that the word decadence kept going through my mind. It was pure evil genius it was…that family that started the recipe that could end my diet on any given day. Pure evil genius I tell you!

After that wonderful meal, in which I was already hurting, we went to Baskin Robins for ice cream. I couldn’t even finish mine. Crazy, right?

Anyway, that was yesterday and despite the fact that I enjoyed that meal very, very much, it’s time to buckle back down again. I’m moving into a new phase of my plan. Essentially it’s just more working out with less bad intake. I’m going to try and increase my vegetable load and reduce my processed foods intake, for example.

So have any of you taken a free day while trying to lose weight? What kind of meal did you eat and from where? Do share!


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2 Responses to Free Day!

  1. June Dussault says:

    When I have a free day it is usually because I have to go to someone’s house for a meal or am going out with my family. I am so easily tempted by all the good food that I overeat drastically. I do try to prepare for these days now either by cutting out other meals (not good, I know, but what are you going to do to limit the calories and remain a good guest??) or by fasting the next day. Before you get all aghast, remember that going without food one day only is not harmful as long as you are drinking plenty of water. I feel so much better and am better able to maintain my weight. I don’t fast more than one day a week or two a month. I have lost over 30 pounds and have kept it off for a year and a half but each day is a struggle. I have ten more which I can’t seem to lose but feel so much better and can wear regular sized clothes again. Keep up the struggle, Dan, your children will have a healthier, happier dad and one that will be able to do lots of things with them even when you hit my age! God bless.

  2. I haven’t really been doing “free days” but I have given myself permission to occasionally eat foods that aren’t on my diet. My focus is more on changing our lifestyle than on just losing weight. I’m trying to eat healthier as a routine. But reality is that there are some foods I enjoy. Saying I’ll never eat them is just setting myself up for a fall.

    A couple of weeks ago Joel and I had a date and ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Steak! YUM! For me eating steak requires a baked potato. But this time I only ate half of the potato and only had cheese and butter on it (instead of loaded). I also limited the amount of free rolls I ate. For once I walked out of there feeling full but not stuffed and sick. I didn’t feel deprived either.

    I’m finding it true that the longer I eat healthy food the more that processed junk tastes ick to me.

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