The End Result: My long range Goals

I have thought a few times about what I want in the end for myself with this Fat Sailor project. There are some obvious ones probably, but some long range goals that won’t happen for a while.

First of all, my short term goals:

1.  Get back to 22% body fat, legitimately and completely, in the next two weeks. This is the immediate requirement for me because it means a lot to my immediate career situation. One of those situations is the fact that CPO results are coming out in a few weeks and, not saying I’m going to make it, I will be required to be within body fat standards immediately upon checking in for initiation, or indoctrination, or whatever it’s called now days.

2.  Weigh in below 220lbs by the end of August.

Now for my long term goals:

1.  Be in good enough shape to successfully run the 2010 New York City Marathon. I’ll post an entire series on that as I get further a long in my training. I signed up to run it both for myself and to support the Boomer Esiason Foundation. The BEF helps those with cystic fibrosis (the disease my daughter has) live a more productive life. The organization provides transplant grants (CF patients most usually need a double-lung transplant because of the extreme damage CF does to the lungs) and college scholarships.

My goal for that run is no more than 4 hours and 30 minutes, and I’d like to see that shave off some. I’ve run two half marathons this year, and I want to close out the year with this great run.

2.  Pass a PRT weigh-in without being taped. This is my super long-range goal, and probably the most important goal of the entire process. My goal weight is 195 pounds (only 42 pounds to go!).

Other goals will undoubtedly come up from time to time, especially when these short term goals expire. I’ll definitely need new short term goals in order to keep moving forward. Stay tuned!

So are you losing weight? What are your short and long term goals?


About Navy Christian
A freelance writer and career military man in San Diego, CA.

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